The rain came down and the water came up…..

I can now agree with NOAA, “the draught is over here in South Carolina”.  The rain stopped for a few minutes so I walked down to the pond to turn the bilge-pump on the boat before any more water got in it. My little ole-jon-boat has sunk several times while tied to the cleaning station…partly due to rain and partially due to the pin hole in the bottom. I was surprised to see how high the water level was, never had I seen it so high. The two chairs have been in the same place for five years or so, always on dry land, but not this particular afternoon.2013_03_24_0800

Birds Gotta Eat

I have spent this week trying to get that one memorable photo of a Hummingbird before they leave for the winter. The birds have been extremely active this week. It might be because they are getting ready to move south, but I don’t know that. I have casually watched these Hummers out the kitchen window for years. The feeder, the Butterfly bush and then the trees. This has been their pattern year after year. The two photos I posted the other day were from the Butterfly bush, but this one is from the trees. I know my photos are not very good in photographic terms, but I really want to share this one, good or bad. I probably coud take another thousand photos and never get this shot again. Of course when I took the photo I had no idea what I was getting.