Hello, my name is Steve . Several years ago I bought a point and shoot camera for myself. My plan was to take pictures of my children and grandchildren interacting with me, thus giving them memories of me when I was gone. That may sound kinda nutty but I have very few photos of me and my dad together. I understand that back in the day film cost money so many photos weren’t taken, but now there is no excuse not to load up on digital picture albums, so I will continue to push the button.

The outdoors have been my passion for as long as I can remember. Either it be hunting, fishing or plowing the soil for food plots for wildlife, it was outdoors. Being outdoors, becoming one with nature, centers me. This is what I want to do!

I have gotten off the tractor, it is for a younger man and I have replaced my rifle with a camera. Explore the forest, catch whatever I can and watch the sky for birds that hang out in and around water. That is what I am doing now. Each time I click the shutter I hope to learn something new about myself and photography. Follow this blog and watch me grow as a picture-taker. I hope you can join me on a photo stroll through the forest and maybe an occasional fishing trip. So park your truck and come on with me. It’s gonna be fun!

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