Fishing Memories

Since I have blogged so much about my fishing trips I thought I would share one of my favorite memories. I first posted this on another blog I was trying to create.

I just came in from taking the trash out with my up coming fishing trip on my mind. Standing in the kitchen looking out the window I had a pity-pot moment. “Oh why don’t I have any fun memories of my youth and the fishing trips I must have gone on.” No more did I have that thought when my mind flooded with such memories. My dad getting me out of school, driving fifty miles, renting a wooden boat with a 2.5 horse power motor and trolling for trout. My first memory of that was in the fifth grade. I know there are pictures of Dad and the family on Lake Louise fishing back in the fifties. That’s the lake where me and my Dad would go on the days he allowed me to play hooky from school. What boy could ever forget such a memory, not this one for sure. I don’t remember all the details of these fishing trips, but I do know that a father was passing his love of fishing down to his youngest son. Dad and I would fish together when ever possible even into my adulthood, sadly due to my schedule and PTSD, not nearly enough.

I kept the tradition up with my son. I know he will always remember the first time I pulled up to East End Elementary School in my blue Ford F-150 with my 17 ft red and gold Astroglass bass boat in tow. It was the best dentist appointment we both had ever been on. I am a very blessed man to have the bond with my son that I have. The love of fishing and the memories it creates are priceless.

Fred Wins Again

Fred and I went back to lake Hartwell today.This time I brought my tackle box with my blue worm assortment. Fred convinced me earlier in the week that I had to have a particular rod and reel that he just so happened to have for sale. Well I kinda liked the set up so I bought them. From now on I am going to have to be carefull about what I say about people who pay hundreds of dollars for a fishing rig. My-My what have I done. Now to the trip…

Just getting to the lake is sometimes an adventure with Fred.  We were going down the by-pass in Anderson when he decides to pull over in the median, he was looking for a map he thought was in the boat. The median is hardly wide enough for the boat let alone Fred standing beside the boat rambling around looking for a map. It was quite unnerving to tell you the truth. Maybe if it had been an emergency I can see pulling into the median, but to look for a map that he never found, nah, I don’t think so. No map, so off we went, We came to a red light and turned left. A few seconds later Fred asked me if we were going the right way. The right way,I had no idea where we were going, let alone if we were going the right way.

Somehow we made it to the ramp Fred wanted without any problems.We launched the boat and started fishing, and fishing and fishing without a strike, Somewhere around 4:30 Fred caught a spot. About thirty minutes later he caught another spot. What did I catch you ask…not a thing.  Another trip with Fred and I don’t catch a thing. I surely hope this pattern doesn’t continue. To make matters worse my blue worms and brand new rod-n-reel didn’t help a bit. I hate to say it but Fred caught the fish with the same color Zoom worm he has been using all along.There must be a dark cloud following me around as far as my fishing goes, I jest, life is good!

Fred: 10 Spots-1 Junk……………Mud:  2 Spots-0 Junk.

I didn’t want to write this post, I really didn’t.


Round Two

Went fishing with Freddie G again Wednesday. We went to Lake Russell because it is pretty close to home and it looked as though it might rain so we didn’t want to venture off to far. On the way to the lake we had to stop by a fishing supply store. Fred can’t go fishing unless he stops and spends a $100 or so. I actually bought two $16 baits. Fred said they were had to have baits.

I threw my new $32 arsenal for about an hour without a strike. Put on a 20 cent worm and caught two spots. Freddie caught six spots with his 20 cent worm. $32 zero, 20 cents two, counting Freddie’s which we must do the count goes to eight versus zero. I caught the first fish, so Freddie immediately cranks up the motor and goes to the other side of the lake. Go figure?

 Freddie beat me again, and for the most part fair and square. I must admit that I made a terrible mistake. Freddie told me not to bring my tackle box cause I could fish out of his. You would think that was very nice of him, knowing that I had very little tackle and willing to share and all. I normally throw worms with blue in their coloring, got to have some blue somewhere. Freddie knew this from all the years we fished together. Did he have any such blue worms in his boat? Nary a one. Without blue my confidence level fell, thus my concentration fell. Chalk up another one for Freddie G.

Between having no blue worms, Freddie controlling the front of the boat and I having to spend so much time trying to scare off a flock of Buzzards circling Freddie, I was lucky to catch the two fish I did. Of course he tried to put the Buzzards off on me, but we both know who they were checking out.

So Freddie now leads with eight spots, one junk….I got two spots, zero junk.


I was trying to get some photos of a big ole Red Tail Hawk today, but failed miserably. I was talking to a fishing buddy when I saw two hawks being chased by some crows. I Ran over to my truck, got my camera and started clicking away, even though they were at a distance one was headed my way. I looked over my Canon to get an eyeball view of the hawk, about that time he made a push with its massive wings and glided downward right toward me and my buddy. When I brought the camera back to my eye I could never find the huge hawk. My nerves got the best of me. Here was this gigantic hawk swooping within fifty feet of me and I can’t get a picture. I was hollering at by buddy like a man who had sand just thrown in his eyes,”I can’t see, I can’t see.” I was a real piece of work!

After the hawk flew over the pine trees and gone I was really disappointed in the fact I couldn’t stay focused enough, I lost my cool and didn’t know what to do except “I can’t see, I can’t see.” My buddy told me I had put my left eye, my non-dominate eye to the view finder, which probably kept me from getting a proper viewing angle. Sounds good anyway. Well anyway I blew a tremendous opportunity to get some good photos but I haven’t given up. Hope to learn from the mistakes I made today. I am posting my mistakes to make my successes that much more sweeter.

Think I am going to read up on how to take pictures of birds in flight. Had a 70×300 lens and camera was set on the Action setting. Any ideas?