A Battle Raged

What laws of nature were in play here? Maybe the leaf was wet, making it too heavy to move, but yet soft enough to be pierced? Did the toadstool spring from the soil at such a speed that it pierced the leaf, much like an arrow slicing through a paper target? Was stubbornness or strong will in play here? Or was nature being just that, nature!

Weekly Photo Challenge-Mine

Bandit was my dog…He died Sept 28, 2012, just seven days short of his twelfth birthday. Bandit was at the vets recovering from surgery to help with an enlarged prostate when he died. No reason to go into the details…at the end of the day by little fella was no longer with me. Bandit is resting with his favorite toy in our flower garden in the backyard. He is no longer in any pain, I am thankful for that. I am so blessed and thankful to have had my Bandit in my life. He has brought me much joy.  Since my retirement I spent more time with my Bandit than I did with my wife, and now he is gone. I wasn’t there for my Bandit when he woke up from surgery and I will never forgive myself for that… My Bandit is gone…I miss him so much.