The rain came down and the water came up…..

I can now agree with NOAA, “the draught is over here in South Carolina”.  The rain stopped for a few minutes so I walked down to the pond to turn the bilge-pump on the boat before any more water got in it. My little ole-jon-boat has sunk several times while tied to the cleaning station…partly due to rain and partially due to the pin hole in the bottom. I was surprised to see how high the water level was, never had I seen it so high. The two chairs have been in the same place for five years or so, always on dry land, but not this particular afternoon.2013_03_24_0800

Weekly Photo Challenge-Lunch

I went fishing Friday even though the wind was blowing fifteen miles per hour with gust up to twenty-five miles per hour. Around 2 o’clock I came ashore to get out of the wind for a while and get a bite to eat. While chowing down on one of my favorite snacks, Vienna Sausage, I scrolled through some emails on my I-phone and saw the weekly Photo Challenge-Lunch, snapped a photo of what I was dining on with my phone…


Beaver Hut

Went to the upper swamp area looking to see how the duck population was doing and came across this beaver hut. This is the first hut that I have seen on the property, but then again I haven’t been here or the lower swamp for two years. I can see where beaver have made their home in the pond by digging out tunnels in the bank.  I have posted before about some of the damage they do, but for now it is nothing so serious that something has to be done about them.2013_02_08_0175