I have fished four days in a row and have very little to show for the time spent on the water. Plane and simple it is just too hot, not only for me but for the fish too. Well, I don’t know about the fish, but for me it is just too hot. Yesterday I was on the water at 6:05 AM trying to beat the heat. There was some cloud cover but no breeze, so they off set one another…hot. I don’t know what the temp was, but by 10:30 I had enough…it was hot.

It is Thursday afternoon and I haven’t gone fishing today. The thermometer in my back yard reads 102 degress…hot. I don’t feel like working on tackle either, now that is pitiful. I did make a 135 mile road trip Sunday afternoon to Academy Sports in August, GA to buy a new seat for my boat and some fishing tackle. When you aren’t catching fish you must be chucking the wrong thing so go buy something else and plenty of it. I’ve heard so much about the Alabama Rig that I thought I should own four of them and all the jig heads and flutes you need to go with them. So far my success story with them will never make a fishing magazine; one small crappie and a three-pound mudcat…to hot I guess. I haven’t given up hope on my purchase, just gonna let it cool down to the low 90’s before I try again.

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