My Family is asking for Prayer

Christmas Eve at about 4:30 PM my brother-in-law, Eddie Wicker, fell from a ladder and broke his back in two places. He was airlifted to the Georgia Medical College in Augusta, GA. After a five-hour surgery on Christmas day we were informed that Eddie may never walk again. The doctor didn’t say he wouldn’t walk again, but in his he thought Eddie would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Patty, my sister, was told by the surgeon that they would know more after the swelling goes down in a week or so. So there is hope, how faint it may be, there is hope. I am asking any of my followers or casual reader that might read this post to please put Patty and Eddie Wicker on their prayer list. My family believes in the power of pray and we are asking all that are willing to lift Eddie’s name to the Lord, to please do so. I know that in the end the Lord’s will, will be done, but the Lord tells us to bring our wants and needs to him in prayer.

Patty and Eddie have two daughters and three grandchildren. Eddie has recently retired and is looking forward to spending quality time with Patty and their grandchildren. With prayer and the love they have for each other they will survive no matter the outcome. Let’s hope and pray that Eddie will be walking soon.

Thank You….Steve

A beaver’s work is never done!

I am getting fat, there is no doubt about that. I have been woefully lacking in an exercise routine since neck surgery last November. Today I decided to start walking. maybe burn a few calories and get some strength and wind back. I took a mile walk to a deer stand and came back along the pond. About half way back I came upon what seemed to be a beaver playground. Two trees in particular caught my eye.

One beaver apparently was in love and showed his mate just how much by his artwork.

Then there was this tree that appeared to have tears of sap rolling down its face.