The rain came down and the water came up…..

I can now agree with NOAA, “the draught is over here in South Carolina”.  The rain stopped for a few minutes so I walked down to the pond to turn the bilge-pump on the boat before any more water got in it. My little ole-jon-boat has sunk several times while tied to the cleaning station…partly due to rain and partially due to the pin hole in the bottom. I was surprised to see how high the water level was, never had I seen it so high. The two chairs have been in the same place for five years or so, always on dry land, but not this particular afternoon.2013_03_24_0800

Continuing Education Program

I recently enrolled in a photography class at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina under their Continuing Education program. I had my first class last night. My instructor is Grace Contreras, an accomplished artist and photographer. I thought that I would be spoon fed on how to use my digital camera…Wrong! Instead, she introduced us to “Critiquing Work”, “Principle of Design” and the “Elements of Art”. Oh yeah, and the “color wheel”. I was told to take my camera off Auto and put it on Manual. I ain’t too sure about all that, but I am going to try. This woodpecker, I guess it is a woodpecker, has been beating on this same hole for over a week now. He or she pays me very little attention to me and shows no fear when I come near. Here is an example of the work by Mud, the student photographer! LOL!!! Please feel free to critique my photo.2013_03_20_0535

Weekly Photo Challenge-Lunch

I went fishing Friday even though the wind was blowing fifteen miles per hour with gust up to twenty-five miles per hour. Around 2 o’clock I came ashore to get out of the wind for a while and get a bite to eat. While chowing down on one of my favorite snacks, Vienna Sausage, I scrolled through some emails on my I-phone and saw the weekly Photo Challenge-Lunch, snapped a photo of what I was dining on with my phone…


Messing Around

Sunday was a gorgeous day, 62 degrees and the fish were biting. The last two days have been cold, windy and rainy.  Needless to say I didn’t go fishing, instead I stayed home, read some blogs and got inspired to work on photo manipulation….I tinkered around with the background…This is what I came up with.0381 - Copy (640x427)

Weekly Photo Challenge-Home

“Home is where your heart is”, was my wife’s favorite phrase when fussing at me for spending so much time at the golf course, but of course she was wrong. If that were true I’d be living on one of the many golf courses around here. OOPS, I forgot, I can’t afford to live on one of the golf courses around here.  When I think of home I think of warmth, laughter, children, grandchildren, wife, brothers and sisters. So where we gather as a family, be it two or all of us, that is home. I’ve decided to share a photo of an old abandoned homestead and let the viewer’s imagination decide what kind of home this was.