Weekly Photo Challenge-Lunch

I went fishing Friday even though the wind was blowing fifteen miles per hour with gust up to twenty-five miles per hour. Around 2 o’clock I came ashore to get out of the wind for a while and get a bite to eat. While chowing down on one of my favorite snacks, Vienna Sausage, I scrolled through some emails on my I-phone and saw the weekly Photo Challenge-Lunch, snapped a photo of what I was dining on with my phone…


Messing Around

Sunday was a gorgeous day, 62 degrees and the fish were biting. The last two days have been cold, windy and rainy.  Needless to say I didn’t go fishing, instead I stayed home, read some blogs and got inspired to work on photo manipulation….I tinkered around with the background…This is what I came up with.0381 - Copy (640x427)

A Battle Raged

What laws of nature were in play here? Maybe the leaf was wet, making it too heavy to move, but yet soft enough to be pierced? Did the toadstool spring from the soil at such a speed that it pierced the leaf, much like an arrow slicing through a paper target? Was stubbornness or strong will in play here? Or was nature being just that, nature!