Beat Down at Russell


IMG_0641This is a post I started last year and never finished. By the title I assume either Fred or I had a great day…Going to say it was me…(photo I used before) Fred thinking about what had happened.

On The morning of February 11, 2015 I underwent surgery on my left hand to correct a trigger finger that had become very painful. February was the best time to have this surgery for a man who loves fishing as much as I do. February is notorious for bad weather around here and there was no  exception this year. Fred told me I was just plain lucky cause the two weeks I had to recoup were not fishable anyway. In Fred’s small little brain I am the luckiest fisherman that ever wet a hook and he is the unluckiest SOB that ever set foot in a bass boat. When I catch more or bigger fish than Fred it is my “luck”. When Fred catches more fish, which is very seldom by the way, it is “skill” he says. Fred’s logic in such matters is really twisted and cannot be changed.

Last Thursday I was feeling pretty good, so Fred and I decided to go fishing and we agreed that if I started hurting we would come home. Good Plan! I let Fred drive the boat, mainly because he knows every nook-n-cranny of the Savannah River lakes.  OKAY! That’s all my excuses. Now let’s get to fishing…?

A picture is worth a thousand words.