There are days that come in a man’s life that cause him to well up with tears. Of course the birth of his children are the most important days in a man’s life, but to see your children walk across the stage to receive their college diploma is another one of those days. I do not have a college education myself so to see my children earn theirs is so sweet and rewarding to me. I am a very blessed man to have seen my first daughter receive her diploma from UNC at Charlotte and my son making the walk to receive his diploma from Limestone College and now…It’s Hannah’s turn. Friday, Hannah will be receiving her diploma from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. How cool is that?

Hannah called me her first night in the dorm wanting me to come get her. The first day wasn’t complete and she was ready to come home. I assured her that 2000 other girls were having the very same conversation with their dads too. It seems like just last night we were having that conversation. Her needing to talk to me as much may fade as time goes by and that is alright to cause it is time for her to chase her dreams and build her life. I have prepared myself for this day for 21 years and now it is just around the corner. Let’s hope I don’t embarrass my little Hannah Pooh…

Little Bit Passes

I can not go on with this blog without mentioning the passing of  Little Bit, the family’s seven teen year old cat. My wife and daughter adopted Little Bit from the Animal Shelter seventeen years ago, saving him from certain death.The last couple of years were kinda rough on him, losing a few teeth and wandering off every now and again. More than once a neighbor would call and let us know that Little Bit was with them, lying curled up on the porch or in the car port, just as if he belonged there. We would fetch him back, just to repeat the procedure every now and again. Yes some tears were shed over the loss of Little Bit,he has left us with many, many funny and heart warming memories.