6 thoughts on “Nesting Mother Goose

    • You are probably right, but people like us don’t take ourselves too serious. We may stumble and bumble along the way but we do have some success. My camera, the blog and my blogging community (people like you) have brought me great joy. Thank you for stopping by. Talk Later Mud

  1. On our ponds, the geese and the swans are having a private war. The swans “own” the ponds and the geese are moving in. I’ve been following the story on my blog. You might find it interesting. The geese stole the swan’s nest. The swan’s built a NEW nest. The geese keep harrassing the swans. The swans harrass them back. They are acting just like … people!

    • That does sound like the way people act sometimes. Last year a Mallard made a nest right beside the goose. This year the ducks are back toward the swamp. This is the only nest in the open, the rest of the geese and ducks hide their nest a little better.

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