Messing Around

Sunday was a gorgeous day, 62 degrees and the fish were biting. The last two days have been cold, windy and rainy.  Needless to say I didn’t go fishing, instead I stayed home, read some blogs and got inspired to work on photo manipulation….I tinkered around with the background…This is what I came up with.0381 - Copy (640x427)

6 thoughts on “Messing Around

  1. This is such an enjoyable image! The inner part of the sunflower reminds me of synchronized swimmers. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my immature Great Blue Heron photo!

    • Sunflowers are my favorite flower, thank you for stopping by and liking Messing Around…You have a great blog with wonderful wildliffe and nature photos that I enjoy very much.

    • Yeah, I visited your site earlier and saw all your yellow flowers…kinda looks like our back yard in the summer. Thank you for your kind comment and stopping by.

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