Not prepared

Thursday evening I realized I was never prepared to fish all day; no coffee, no water or soft drinks and no food.  No wonder  I get tired and antsy after four or five hours in the boat plugging away. Well, Friday morning I  was gonna fix that. I filled my Stanley thermos with coffee, put two soft drinks, two waters, along with a Snickers and some cheese crackers in the cooler. I put the cooler and thermos in my truck and off I went. Once at the pond I loaded the boat with six rod and reels, two tackle boxes, a gym bag full of extra lures, my food and of course my camera. Most of the morning I threw a spinner bait, getting three strikes, but never a hook set. I threw  crank baits, top water, worms and jigs the rest of the morning…nothing.When it was time to leave I noticed  that I never removed the tubing from the tip of the hook on the spinner bait. How dumb? Just the night before I told myself that I was gonna be prepared for my fishing trips. All I could do was chuckle and remind myself of how dumb I could be.

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