Slim Pickens in January

It has been pretty lean fishing for me this month, but as a fisherman will tell you, “a bad day fishing is better than a good day working”. I am retired now so I can say that without guilt. I know it is pretty rough on many Americans who lost their jobs and young college grads having a hard time getting jobs. I have plenty of opinion on the situation of this country.but very few facts, so no reason for me to shoot my mouth off one way or the other. There are plenty of blogs fully loaded, ready to shoot. (LOL)

I wanted to go fishing today but it was cold and windy, a little more like January in the South. Instead of fishing I went crow watching with my son and his two daughters. Got some called in but never got any pictures but I was glad to find out the Fox Pro varmint call I bought works. We also spooled my reels with new line. I have never fished with anything above 12# test, until someone gave me two or three spools of 20# test. I used the 20# test on two of my worm rods, but now I am back to a Triliene 12# test. I believe I have more feel and I know for sure better lure action with 12# test. More than likely there are as many opinions as there are fisherman. You have to have confidence in your equipment, without confidence how can your ability ever shine through. Gonna try again tomorrow. I hope to have a picture of a nice bass or two.

It is tomorrow and guess what? Didn’t get the first strike. I gotta start wondering about my fishing ability. The fish I was fishing for must have had lock jaw like these four fellows. When bass get like this you almost have to hit them in the head to get a rile out f them. I borrowed this photo from Think I’ll head over there and look around. I really hope to have a better day tomorrow. Bought some Finesse Worms by Zoom this afternoon, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see.

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